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John Hardyment
Chief Executive Officer, Bayshore Pacific Hospitality

John2John Hardyment is a leader in the leisure and entertainment industries in East Asia.  This opportunity extends his businesses into hospitality.  Mr. Hardyment has expert knowledge in site selection and project management, two essential success elements in the restaurant business. Mr. Hardyment has lived in Taiwan for 35 years, beginning his career in the logistics and shipping industries.

Merritt Croker

Chief Operations Officer, Bayshore Pacific Hospitality

merritt150Merritt Croker has worked in branded restaurant operations for more than 30 years, including over ten years with TGIF International.  Having worked as both franchisor and franchisee, his knowledge of the business includes concept creation, market development, strategic planning, in-store operations and site selection.  He was the co-creator of Hong Kong-based Dan Ryan’s and a founder of Windy City International Limited, and also served as CEO of a multi-brand, multi-national restaurant business based in the Philippines, and similar to Bayshore.  Mr. Croker has lived and worked in East Asia for over fifteen years.

Bayshore Pacific Hospitality

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