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John Hardyment
Chief Executive Officer, Bayshore Pacific Hospitality

John2John Hardyment is a leader in the leisure and entertainment industries in East Asia.  This opportunity extends his businesses into hospitality.  Mr. Hardyment has expert knowledge in site selection and project management, two essential success elements in the restaurant business. Mr. Hardyment has lived in Taiwan for 35 years, beginning his career in the logistics and shipping industries.

Merritt Croker

Chief Operations Officer, Bayshore Pacific Hospitality

merritt150Merritt Croker has worked in branded restaurant operations for more than 30 years, including over ten years with TGIF International.  Having worked as both franchisor and franchisee, his knowledge of the business includes concept creation, market development, strategic planning, in-store operations and site selection.  He was the co-creator of Hong Kong-based Dan Ryan’s and a founder of Windy City International Limited, and also served as CEO of a multi-brand, multi-national restaurant business based in the Philippines, and similar to Bayshore.  Mr. Croker has lived and worked in East Asia for over fifteen years.

Joe Yuen

Chief Financial Officer, Bayshore Pacific Hospitality


Prior to joining Bayshore Pacific Hospitality, Joe served as the Executive Vice President and CFO of Lever Style, a privately-held apparel manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China for brand names such as Armani, Banana Republic, Calvin Klein, J Crew and Ralph Lauren. During his nine years with Lever Style, Joe spearheaded the Company’s rapid expansion of its China customer base, and successfully grew Lever Style’s revenue from local Chinese brands to 25% of its global business and substantially improved the Company’s profit margin. At Lever Style, Joe also led the lean manufacturing, sustainability and corporate social responsibility initiatives. Prior to Lever Style, Joe was the CFO of Media Nation Inc., a publicly listed outdoor media advertising company with the largest bus and metro advertising network operator in China and Hong Kong. Joe successfully completed the company’s IPO on Hong Kong’s GEM board. Prior to Media Nation, Joe worked in Shanghai for three years heading the finance operation of Dongling Trading Corporation, the very first Sino-foreign joint venture approved by the State Council to conduct general import and export trade. Joe also worked at Continental Grain Company, together with Allen, focusing on China projects.

Joe has a bachelor’s degree in social science from Chinese University of Hong Kong and a master’s degree in commerce from University of New South Wales. Joe speaks Mandarin, Cantonese and English and resides in Hong Kong.

加入太田之前,Joe曾擔任深圳利華成衣集團(Lever Style)執行副總裁兼首席財務官,公司為Armani、Banana Republic、Calvin Klein、J Crew 、Ralph Lauren等國際品牌製造成衣。供職九年內,Joe帶領公司迅速擴大中國區客戶,成功將中國區業務對集團全球業務貢獻率提升至25%,同時大幅提升利潤率。此外,Joe 領導了精益生產、可持續發展及企業社會責任等重大舉措。此前,Joe供職於戶外媒體廣告上市公司媒體世紀集團(Media Nation Inc.),擔任首席財務官,該公司是中國大陸與香港最大的地鐵、公交廣告運營商。任職期間,Joe帶領公司成功完成香港交易所創業板上市。此前,Joe在上海東陵貿易公司效力三年,擔任財務負責人,該公司是中國國務院批准的首家中外合資進出口貿易公司。 Joe曾與Allen在大陸穀物公司中國區項目中共事 。 Joe擁有香港中文大學社會科學學士學位、澳大利亞新南威爾士大學商業碩士學位,現居香港,普通話、粵語、英語流利。

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